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This is Tiffany’s story, who receives a call from the police one morning forcing her to deal with a chapter from her past, which she is unhappy to revisit. When she calls her friend Dylan, it’s Mat from New Zealand she ends up talking to.

This is still a WIP, so critique away. It’s set partly in Melbourne, Australia, and in New Zealand.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


“Nice meeting you, Mat.”

He shook Karen’s hand and was slightly taken aback by her firm handshake. “Likewise.”

As they sat, he studied her small frame, her short wavy grey hair, and soft blue eyes. He assumed her to be in her mid- to late fifties. Her complexion was attractive with not even a small blemish on her skin, but only a few lines around her eyes.

Her assistant brought some coffee and biscuits.

“You’ve brought the cold weather to Melbourne,” Karen said as she poured herself some coffee. Pointing to his take-a-way coffee cup, she asked, “Would you like a fill-up?”

“I’m right, thanks,” he replied, ignoring her swipe at the weather.

Mat emptied his cup of coffee with one long sip before he placed it on the table. “Are you still going ahead with the contract?”

He was referring to the nasty incident only a week earlier with a helicopter crash in the mountains. It’d been a big blow for the small communities of Fox and Franz Josef Glacier.

Karen nodded. “Terrible. Just terrible.” She paused a moment and leaned back into her chair. “Yes, we’d like to go ahead with the contract. We assume by the time you will have set up the business in Queenstown, it will be out of the news.”

Mat’s stomach squeezed. How he hated this side of business. If this hadn’t meant a big opportunity for him and Adam, he’d have cancelled the whole meeting. Bugger the money. But he wanted to move back to Queenstown and the contract would give him the finances to set up an office in his hometown.

He gave a slow nod. “Okay. Let’s talk figures.”


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16 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 29/01/2017 #romance #love #SnippetSunday #SundayBlogShare”

    1. I suppose some people are all about business through and through. Thanks for stopping by, PT. Much appreciated!.

  1. I’m wondering why her firm handshake surprises him. I’m getting the feeling that everything about her makes him uneasy. Intriguing snippet for sure.

    1. Thank you. I think the handshake comes more from me, it always surprises me when an elegant, slim woman has a firm handshake. Glad you liked today’s snippet, Gem.

    1. Nope … just business for a fun loving person, who prefers to be out and about. Thanks for stopping by, Aurora!

  2. She doesn’t seem all that torn up about the events that happened the week before, business as usual type attitude I’d say, or as if incidents are inevitable and she can sweep them away after the fact. And if I was him, I would hate this aspect of business too. Talk about a headache and a half. I might even second guess going into business with her based on her attitude if she doesn’t care about the crash, because, what else might she not care about then?

    1. I think it’s always worse for the communities affected by any accidents. Unfortunately, for the rest of the world, once it’s out of the news, it’s near forgotten. Business is not always easy.
      thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hugely appreciated 🙂

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