#SnippetSunday “I need to get out of here.” #Romancebook #amreading #mustread

Happy Sunday. I’m continuing with my WIP, another Alinta Bay story.
Jonah and Maddie are still stuck in the lift.
Enjoy ♥

“I swear if you don’t stop cursing—”
Jonah cupped the back of her head and placed the other hand around her back, slowly manoeuvring her into a lying position. Then he quickly shrugged out of his jacket and used it as a pillow for her head before he adjusted her legs to a slight bend. He quickly stood and hit the emergency button.
“Mate, are you there?”
“Jonah, I’m here. Are you guys okay? Sorry about the little hiccup.”
He glanced at Maddie, who was still conscious, thankfully, even sporting a weak smile. Rubbing his face, he said, “You guys need to get into fifth gear. Maddie hit her head, slight cut over across the left eyebrow, feeling faint.” Turning to her, he wanted to know, “Are you feeling nauseous?”
“Nothing a bit of cola can’t fix,” she murmured.
He rolled his eyes. “Maddie!”
“I need to get out of here.”

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    1. Apparently the “old” trick to climb through the ceiling is not recommended, so waiting is it – or so it seems 🙂

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