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Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series.
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“I wouldn’t,” she replied with more force than she had intended.
Now he laughed. “You would so.”
He opened the door and, with a gentle push on her back, moved her inside. Sarah walked straight towards her bedroom with a mix of disappointment, anger, and…relief.
“Night, Marky.”
“No hot chocolate?”
She stopped and turned, considering the idea of a nice drink as well as Markus’ company. He’d moved closer, and, again, his blue eyes sent a rush through her that went right to her toes. It was only when his thumb brushed across her cheeks that she realised she was crying.
She cuddled up against his chest, with his strong arms around her.
“You should’ve told me,” she whispered.
“Which part? That you forgot about the hot chocolate?”
“About Timmy.”
He placed a light kiss on her forehead. “It wasn’t for me to say anything.”
“You should’ve asked Oliver to say something.”
That made him laugh, and she looked up again.
“What did you mean you don’t have to pretend?”
The silence stretching between them was almost tangible.
“You know this is not right.”
She shook her head, and he choked back a chuckle, before he dipped his head to kiss her.

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