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Today’s snippet is in Jesse’s POV.

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When they arrived a little while later at home in Beauty Bay, Dana went straight to the backroom she used to stay in after she’d moved in with her brother. Jesse, tired from the last forty-eight hours, let her be. He didn’t have the strength to deal with her pain, physically and mentally, and was concerned if he’d talk to her now, he might not choose the right words. He had an idea how much she was hurting, leaving her boyfriend behind in hospital, but unfortunately he didn’t have a choice but bring her home, after all, his life was still going on. As he walked towards his own bedroom, his phone buzzed, indicating he’d received a message. Hesitating, and considering to ignore it, he finally pulled the phone from his pants only to see he’d missed three messages.
Mate, it’s Harrison. Let me know how you’re going and if you need any help. Cheers.
Jesse made a mental note to give his friend a call after he’d had a shower. Then pushed the button for the next message.
Hello Jesse, this is Karen, Mario’s mother. Just keeping you up-to-date. He’s still in a coma, but the doctors are more confident that they can bring him out of the coma in only a few days. I suppose that’s good news. I hope you had a safe drive back home. I’ll call again tomorrow.
He appreciated Karen’s message. Of course, he was worried sick that Dana’s boyfriend was in hospital and they returned home. Exhaling a long breath, he doubted his decision again. Then he listened for the last message.
Hi Ranger Jesse, it’s Zoe here. We saw you drive past us a few minutes ago and Mum thought you looked tired. Please let her know if you’d like her to bring over some dinner to heat up for you and your sister. Oh, and I hope your sister is okay.

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