#SnippetSunday “What was her story?” #Bookish #TW4RW #booklover

Happy Sunday
I hope you’re still enjoying Piper and Jon’s story. Here’s another little teaser.


Today’s Snippet

Jon had no idea what made him invite Piper for breakfast. First of all, it wasn’t his favourite meal at the best of times, but more importantly, bacon and eggs were on his ‘no-no’ list of foods to eat since his heart attack. How he hated the word. But truth be told, he’d needed the wake-up call and life hadn’t been all that bad since. Yes, Paula had left him, but nowadays he was more certain each day that her leaving was a good thing, too. For him definitely. The doubts whether she’d loved him more for his money and social status than himself grew with each passing day.

His mind wandered back to Piper. What was her story? Why the tears? Would he find out? In a twisted sense, he was looking forward to having breakfast with her, even if it was just for having a conversation for longer than five minutes. He’d enjoyed his solitude over the last few months with only the occasional phone calls to family and friends, but Piper had stirred something in him making him crave for some company. Her company.

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