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A little reminder: in the previous posts Addy returned home from work to find her house broken in. Ethan drove coincidently drove by and stopped to see how she was going. I moved forward a little to the moment he knocks at her door later that night.

DEFYING RULES is set along the Australian Great Ocean Road and tells the story of Ethan Tomlin, single dad, and manager of a hotel chain.

This is still a WIP, so critique away.

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Fifteen minutes later, Ethan stood in front of Addison’s house and knocked at the door. He’d thought of giving her a quick call before showing up unannounced, but had forgotten in the rush of getting organised. The house was lit up like a Christmas tree, and he assumed she was home, but wasn’t a hundred percent sure. He’d be disappointed, of course, but possibly more relieved that she was with somebody.
About to knock again, he stopped midway when the door opened a fraction. Just enough for Addison to peer through the small gap. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed tired and leery.
“Can I come in?”
She blinked a couple of times and noticed his swag. “Why?”
“I appreciate your attitude to handle this on your own, but—”
“I’m fine, Ethan.”
“I know you are and I know it’s very selfish in a way, but—”
“I don’t know you.”
The corners of his mouth twitched in the attempt to hold back a smile, despite some frustration growing within him. “That’s the second time you’ve interrupted me. I want to help. Is it so hard to understand that? I feel uncomfortable with the idea that someone broke into your house, and you’re on your own.”
“For all I know you could be —”
He lifted a questioning eyebrow.
Addison let out soft laugh, and damn if that didn’t do a number on his thoughts. “I know, far-fetched, but—” She hesitated, but stepped back after a moment to let him in. “Okay, there’s a spare bed in the back room.”


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4 starsThe Romance Review – NEW BEGINNINGS is a very emotional read, one that is heartwarming as well as heart wrenching. It gives you hope in the act of human kindness and that good things do happen to good people. I highly recommend this book.