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I’m sharing another snippet from “Journey to Her Dreams”, my second book I wrote and which is now available for FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I’ve moved a little forward again with Hollie and her friend at the nightclub – meeting Jeremy.
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Hollie couldn’t take her eyes off his brown hair, his green
eyes, and his well-­tanned face. This guy had an obvious ability to
keep the conversation flowing, and she found herself unable to
resist his soft-­spoken voice. Before long, her tension eased a bit. She told him about her job and how she knew Davo. He did likewise and told her about his move from Hobart. She decided to like him, yet she wanted to go back to the comfort zone of her friends,
mainly Alex.
“Listen, Jeremy. It was nice meeting you, but I’ve truly have to go. There are still a few things I need to get sorted, and I don’t want to be too late  tonight,” Hollie said, pointing to her watch as a sign to Alex she wanted to leave.
He reached out and caught her hand in his. “How about I give you a lift?”
Looking at him, she couldn’t resist and smiled. “You are a persistent fellow, aren’t you?”

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