256 Days later ~ my #breastcancer journey is coming to an end … #mcgrathfoundation @OtisRetreats

“Life is like a rainbow:
You need both the sun and
the rain to make its colours appear.”


This post is not about the cancer journey I’ve been travelling the last eight months, but the generosity that was shown to me, the generosity that often overwhelmed me.

Of course, there’s the generosity by family, friends, neighbours, and the community, but I’d like to thank those I cannot thank in person.

I don’t think more than two minutes had passed after I’d been told about my cancer diagnosis that a McGrath Breast Care Nurse was in the room, holding my hand. Kath was amazing, especially after the doctor had left. She not only gave me a mountain of information, but also a shoulder to cry on. During the first few months, she checked in on me, especially during my chemo weeks, she was straight forward when my decisions were made during times when on shouldn’t have made decisions, she was a fountain of knowledge.
If you have a spare dollar or two, please do consider donating to the McGrath Foundation to raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they’re needed, and make breast health understanding a priority.

Another great Foundation who I am grateful to is the OTIS Foundation for providing retreat accommodation at no cost to people dealing with breast cancer. We’ve just spent a week in South Australia thanks to this amazing Foundation – an appropriate finish of this journey before heading back to work and I suppose with that back to ‘life’ next week. It was a week full of laughs, cuddles, reminiscing, catching up with relatives … and did I say laughs ♥♥
Please do keep this wonderful Foundation in mind, too, next time you want to donate to a good cause.

All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ♥♥♥

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When #Cancer knocked at my door ~ #breastcancer #staypositive #health

Wow … what a roller-coaster ride!

I’ve been wondering whether or not to publish this post, because it has nothing to do with me as an author, but then again, it has all to do with me as a person which defines who I am as an author.

A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Scary thought. Especially as the mammogram came up clear, the ultrasound was not clear, and it was only the biopsy that confirmed the bad news.

Since then … I’ve been in this fast flow of rapids and haven’t had a chance to catch a breath. First I had a couple of scans which were all clear – THANK GOD. I had surgery early November to remove the lump and a lymph node. Again, I thought luck was on my side with the lymph node coming up clear as well. I prepared myself for radiation …

But luck wasn’t on my side. The actual tumour was big and aggressive resulting in my first chemo treatment yesterday. I’m doing well considering the stuff they pumped into me. Getting the needle into one of my veins was actually the worst part. To be honest, it wasn’t as easy as I’ve read it’d be. It was uncomfortable and the second dose of meds was a bit tough to take in. My wonderful friend gave me a recording of a meditation which was a lifesaver! I have been reasonably well since then, though, with the occasional wave of nausea, but nothing serious.

The worst thing for me, though, is the thought that I’ve got the medication, the poison that destroys so many of my good cells, inside me. I’m having a hard time to cope with this.

But my small family, my mum and my sisters, friends, neighbours, colleagues, the doctors, the nurses, and even strangers have been such a wonderful support, I feel I am in good hands.

So what lies ahead of me?


I want to have a wonderful Christmas with my husband and my girls who have been my rock, my best friends, my support, my everything over the last few weeks.

And then … well then we take 2017 as it comes. Each day at a time.

Have a wonderful Christmas season everyone … and don’t forget to count your blessings ♥♥♥

Love to you all.