“Tell us about your book” – Day #Books #MFRWAuthor #Fridayreads #bookrecommendation


Time to shine everyone

I remember this post was popular when I did it a year or two ago …. feel free to share and add your books.  ♣

The blog is open today for everyone to post a purchase link to

a- the book you’re currently reading – or
b- the book you have just read – or
c- your favourite book – AND
d- your own book.

Please don’t go overboard with the invitation and keep the links to a maximum of four!

As for me:

I’m currently reading: “Sweetheart Cove” by Jacquie Biggar

My favourite book (still) is: Cecelia Ahern “If you could see me now”

If you’d like to give a new series a try, check out my Beginnings stories with NEW BEGINNINGS as the first book. The story is about the Levesque girls who inherit a house in Hobart from someone they’ve never heard of!


Everyone post away, so I can choose my next book