#NewRelease “Stealing Her Heart” by Simone Angela – #Book 6 of the #BindarraCreek series

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Release of Bindarra Creek book number six!
Stealing Her Heart is available on Amazon
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Katherine Porter escapes to the country town of Bindarra Creek after her gambler husband left her broke and distrustful of all men, especially financiers.

Animal lover and financier Marcus Brodie returns to Bindarra Creek, keen to expand the current wildlife sanctuary, and set up a cat rescue home. When he meets his beautiful but bristly neighbour Katherine, he adds another mission – to put a smile on her face and light into her sad, troubled eyes.

But an unsettling truth plunges their budding relationship into the dark.

Can Katherine overcome her fears and let go of the shackles of the past? And if she can, will Marcus be convinced a future with her is possible?

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Romance about rags to riches … “Her Latin Lover” by Simone Angela *out soon*

‘Her Latin Lover’ by Simone Angela is a contemporary romance, a rags to riches story about a woman who goes on an emotional journey of self-enlightenment and ends up finding herself… *Coming soon*

…And her Mr Right.

Excerpt: Her Latin Lover

Scarlet saw a woman enter, tall and slender with choppy auburn hair storm past him and straight over to her on the couch, pointing an accusatory finger at her. “You, Ms Scarlet Harris, NOT Scarlet Castle, have some explaining to do.”

Gabriel came over to the two women, his brow deeply furrowed, confusion on his face. “Cecelia, what are you going on about?”

Cecelia turned to face Gabriel and shook her head. “I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but this woman is an imposter. She’s not who she says she is. And she doesn’t work for Clandestine Magazine in any capacity whatsoever.

“She tried to con you,” Cecelia went on to say. “She just wanted to get all this dirt on you I bet. I mean why else would she go to such extremes to fool you? And boy oh boy did she have you fooled.”

Panic swum in Scarlet’s eyes. Her heart hammered in her chest.

Gabriel stared at Scarlet, alarm etched on his face and a disturbed look in his eyes. “What is she talking about Scarlet? Tell her none of what she says is true. Tell her she’s confused you with someone else.”

Her heart now plummeted to her stomach. The confrontation scene had arrived. For a moment she couldn’t say anything.

“Go on,” Gabriel urged. “Tell her she’s mistaken.”

Scarlet felt the blood draining from her face. Her hands gripped the edge of the sofa and she held her breath, fear rippling through her. “She–she’s right. Everything she says is true.”

Author Bio:

Simone Angela always had her head in the clouds as a girl growing up – some would even say that hasn’t changed! She’s also always been a romantic, and knew from an early age creative writing was her passion and that she wanted to be a writer. She loves everything about love and writing so naturally enough romance had to be her writing genre.

But Simone also loves writing about sex and does so under her pen name of Kariss Stone. She thinks there’s something magical about the amazing sexual chemistry that can exist between a man and a woman, and wants to capture that in her erotica stories under her pen name of Kariss Stone. Her first self published work, an erotica short story, is called ‘Lust to the Night’, available on Amazon:

One hot wild ride…One exciting night…


Simone is also one of the authors in the Bindarra Creek sweet romance series. Her book is number 11 and is titled ‘The Ghost of his Past’ under her pen name of Simone Angela, also available on Amazon. Writing about her tragic hero in this story was the most rewarding experience for her.

When you’re haunted by a dark past, can you ever find the light?


Simone likes writing contemporary romance stories as well and with ‘The Ghost of his Past’, Simone realised she’s drawn to the troubled hero, the hero who hasn’t found peace and suffers with emotional demons.

Simone lives on the Central Coast of NSW with her beautiful man and their cheeky cat Flopsy. When she’s not writing herself, she loves immersing herself in romance books, and naturally enough is addicted to any romance reality show on TV!

To find out more about Simone and her books, check out her websites:

Kariss Stone’s website is www.karissstone.com

Simone Angela’s website is www.simonecooper.wordpress.com