A Drink could change or control your life #NewRelease “Six Pack: Emergence” by B.W. Morris ~~ @sixpackwriter



Debut novel for B.W. Morris

What if society was controlled by a drink, but there was another drink that might allow one to change the way things were? This is the question faced by Tyler Ward and his five friends in the new book Six Pack: Emergence.

Tyler is set to graduate from secondary school when he learns the truth about the nation of Novusordo and how the government controls the population. He and his five friends visit a professor’s house, consume another drink and gain strange powers. Now they find themselves part of a movement against the government and must learn to control their powers and how they might change society. But can they trust the movement… or even each other?

Six Pack: Emergence, a young adult, science fiction, dystopian novel is written by B.W. Morris, a longtime writer for small-town newspapers, though it took him a while to embrace his inner comic book geek and put his overactive imagination to work through novel writing. The novel, published by Clean Reads, is Morris’ debut work, the first in a planned trilogy.

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B.W. Morris was born in Texas but grew up in Colorado. He has also lived in New Mexico and Oklahoma and currently resides in Kingman, Kan., a small community 40 miles west of Wichita. Morris is a member of the Kansas Writers Association and loves pizza, barbecue and a good breakfast burrito. He cites the likes of Greg Weisman, George Orwell, Suzanne Collins, Stan Lee and Conor Friedersdorf as inspirations for his writing.

Six Pack: Emergence was released March 28 in ebook format through Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, Kobo, Smashwords and iTunes. You may learn more about the book by visiting Morris’ blog at relaxingwithsixpack.blogspot.com or email him at bwmorris@mail.com.

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