#FreeBook “Keto Gluten-Free Diet Bread Recipes” by Vanessa Reese #healthy #diet #keto #ketodiet

Want to enjoy fragrant smelling bread without the usual sense of guilt?

Unlike others, this cookbook is specially designed for busy moms or those on the go by giving you low-carb bread recipes that will only take you a maximum of 8-minutes to prepare.

Inside, you’ll discover:

· 2 pizza base recipes
· 3 biscuits & cookies recipes
· 25 bread recipes
· And much much more

In addition, you’ll also receive a list of 4 low-carb flour that you can easily substitute into the recipes given you a different taste, texture and smell…creating even more variety for yourself.

Would you like to learn more?

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About the Author

Vanessa Reese loves playing in the kitchen growing up. As it draws her away to a place of her own where she gets to create and play. Baking is her all-time favourite for chillaxing!

Friends have always asked her to compile and share her recipes. And now she has decided to start putting them into easy to read playbook.

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