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Title: Penelope’s Paths
Author: Isabelle Peterson
Genre: Contemporary, Choose Your Own Ending

About Penelope’s Paths:

Is there only one path to a Happily Ever After?

Is one choice, or path, better than another?

After a humiliating divorce, Penelope Pierce is about to try her luck in the dating world for the first time in years. Luckily, she has her best friends to help her face the singles scene. Laura wants to bring Penelope to the club scene. Drink. Dance. Have fun. Nothing serious. Shannon wants to set Penelope up with a guy “perfect” for her.

Should Penelope go on the blind date? Or hit the clubs?

It’s up to YOU, the reader.

If you choose for Penelope to go on the blind date… When handsome, confident, British William makes a risqué and daring request, does Penelope rise to the challenge? Or does she retreat? And then what?

Or, If things get hot and heavy at the dance club with the full-lipped, floppy-haired musician, Mitch, will Penelope lean into her desires? Or does she run and not look back! And when she encounters a curious noise in the night…then what?

You, the reader, will make Penelope’s choices, and you will determine which kind of risks Penelope takes and what kinds of romances Penelope gets. Will your choices give Penelope a Happily Ever After? Is there only ONE path to happiness?

Find out! Read one path, then when you get to the end, you can go back, make different choices, and enjoy an entirely different story.

1 heroine… 9 potential heroes… 10 unique endings.

One-Click now and start choosing Penelope’s Paths.

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About the Author:

Isabelle Peterson is the author of Intoxicating Romances weaving her love of wine and cocktails into steamy, swoonworthy love stories. She’s a Chicago suburban girl living in coastal Connecticut with her husband of more than twenty-eight years and nine-pound Shih Tzu. She’s also the mother of two incredibly smart and talented young adults. When she’s not writing, Isabelle can be found creating a new cocktail or enjoying a favorite one, savoring a good glass of wine, cooking or baking. In fact, if she weren’t a creative writer, she’d probably be a bartender or chef somewhere.

You can find Izzy at isabellepeterson.com and all of her links at linktr.ee/izzykpeterson

Connect with the Author:

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