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Her Beauty Takes His Breath Away…
Only She Can Restore It

She Steals My Breath
The Medicine Man Book 1
Karen Kay
Genre: Native American Historical Romance

Her Beauty Takes His Breath Away… Only She Can Restore It

Eagle Heart of the Blackfoot Nation has not come to the trading post, Fort
Union, to trade, but to find his missing brother. The medicine man
has never seen a white woman, but, when she walks into the room, her
beauty literally steals his breath.

Laylah McIntosh has assets besides beauty that make her valuable to her
father, the fort’s trader: her skill with numbers, her photographic
memory and her knowledge of the sign language used by all the tribes.
But, when she’s injured and caught in a fierce blizzard, it is
Eagle Heart, alone, who rescues her.

Forced into each other’s company, their attraction deepens. But a union
between them is forbidden in both their worlds.

Can their love find a way to survive? Or will their differences separate
them forever?

Sensuous romance and a love written in the stars could cause a gal to
go West in search of love and adventure.

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She Captures My Heart
The Medicine Man Book 2


Two Worlds. Two Hearts. A Forbidden Passion.

Amelia McIntosh was only fourteen when she fell in love with the young and
handsome Gray Falcon of the Blackfoot Tribe. He’d helped her
through a difficult time, and, for him in turn, she’d opened up a
vital part of the medicine man’s world. Five years later, Amelia is
still in love with the mesmerizing Gray Falcon, but her refusal to
marry anyone but him has created a dangerous problem for her and her

When Amelia—the pesky little girl from Gray Falcon’s past—returns to
the Northwest, he can’t help but notice she has blossomed into a
beautiful, desirable woman — one who sets his heart aflame. Yet, he
must resist her feminine charms because, though she is a friend, what
she asks of him is against all Gray Falcon stands for as a medicine

United only in love, will love, alone, be enough to stave off a world
threatening to pull them apart?

Warning: A sensuous romance that might cause a gal to capture the heart of her own true love.

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She Paints My Soul
The Medicine Man Book 3

Bestselling author of Native American Historical Romance, KAREN KAY is a
multi-published author of romance and adventure in the Old West. She has been praised by reviewers and fans alike for bringing insights into the everyday life of the American Indian culture of the past.

As Reviewer, Suzanne Tucker, once wrote, “Ms. Kay never fails to capture the pride, the passion and the spirit of the American

Indian…”  KAREN KAY’s great grandmother was Choctaw, and she is adopted Blackfeet. Ms. Kay is honored to be able to write about the rich culture of a people who gave this country so much. “With the power of romance, I hope to bring about an awareness of the American Indian’s concept of honor, and what it meant to live as free men and free women. There are some things that should never be forgotten.”

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