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Valeni Pascual wants to be free to make a living hauling cargo with her spaceship and to understand the shapeshifting alien who presents sometimes as the steamy male Nik and other times as the blonde bombshell Nikki.

As a rebel insurgence builds against the oppressive government known as the Agency, Valeni and Nik/Nikki encounter a sexy Terran cowboy named Garrett Rawls. Since being pulled into this region of space by another mysterious wormhole, Garrett has looked for a way to return to Earth. After meeting Valeni and Nikki, he might have found something worth staying for.

 However, dark forces may have a much bigger picture in mind for all of them. Valeni, Nik/Nikki, and Garrett are pulled into a life and death fight that lays bare all of their secrets and their desires. Will they lose everything as the battle against the Agency rages around them or can love pull them through?

SIXSHOOTER [©2021] A Horizon Crossover series novel by Lyndi Alexander | Cover Art by Kat Hardy | Science Fiction Romance (R) 280 pages / 100,000 words | Available in ebook and print from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing

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One man in particular caught Nik’s attention. He was long and lean, dressed in a simple blue work shirt and denim pants over hand-tooled boots. He wore a broad-brimmed hat, which he took off to speak. His speech was slow, his vowels drawled, and his grin both shy and genuine.

                Rogers called on the man for his opinion. “Now here we have an import—a genuine cowboy from the old Terran system.”

                “Cow boy?” Nik asked Valeni. “Is he part bovine, then? He looks human.”

                Valeni chuckled. “I suspect he is human. Wait a minute.” She pulled out her handheld communication device and typed in the question. “Hmm. It is a old Terran term. A cowboy herds animals from horseback on a ranch.”

                Nik then asked about the term “horse” and the term “ranch,” both of which were unfamiliar. “It seems unlikely such a person could exercise these pursuits in space.”

                Valeni shushed them as the man spoke.

                 “I’m Garrett Rawls, come from a planet called Earth which ain’t in your system here. Not sure how I got to this place, exactly, but somehow I got sucked through some kinda wormhole.”

                His dark eyes sparkled with good will. “Been makin’ my way pretty well with my ship, the Six-shooter—some of you know it—mostly keeping to the planets of Marriel and Terza, staying under the radar as much as I can. But just like back on Earth, the government cain’t help trying to keep us good ol’ boys down.”

                He looked around the room, stopping to focus on Valeni for a moment. “And good old gals.”
                Val blushed, and Nik felt her whole body set change. Rawls’ gaze slid to Nik, curiosity in his eyes. Nik felt a definite weighing of possibility.

Author Bio

Lyndi Alexander always dreamed of faraway worlds and interesting alien contacts. She lives as a post-modern hippie in Asheville, North Carolina, a single mother of her last child of seven, a daughter on the autism spectrum, finding that every day feels a lot like first contact with a new species.

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