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Hi everyone –
I’m sharing another snippet from FRESH BEGINNINGS,
a story this is mainly set in the USA and follows our itinerary
when we travelled through five States in a motorhome a few years ago.

 Enjoy ♥♥

This week’s Hook …

The woman behind the counter had looked to be in her thirties, and although carrying a stern look on her face, he did get a smile that lit up her lovely brown eyes and softened her expression. Yet, the massive amount of questions she asked him left him feeling as if he was back at school, and he didn’t want to fail and be sent back to Australia.

“Bringing in any medication?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Any food.”

“No, ma’am.” He hesitated. “Ah, ma’am. I have a few leftover bikkies in my bag?”

The customs officer looked up at him with a blank face. “Bikkies?”

A fine sweat beaded his upper lip, and his palms moistened. “I suppose you’d call them cookies.” He grabbed the package out of his backpack and showed her the item in question.

She laughed, and it was a genuine and beautiful laugh. Not just a polite one, but also the kind that came from deep within. With a slight shake of her head, she replied, “Only you Australians could come up with a word like bikkies.” After a moment’s pause, she told him, “They’re all yours, honey.” And she proceeded with taking his photo and fingerprints.

With a little chuckle at himself, he grabbed his bag thinking immigration wasn’t all that bad.



Jared Fraser from Hobart, Australia, embarks on a journey in a motorhome down the legendary American Route 66. Yet, his travels take a couple of unexpected turns from his initial plans. One of which is meeting Ivy, a beautiful hitchhiker. As they spend time together, she captivates Jared and stirs long-dormant emotions within him.

Having recently made the difficult decision to leave her boyfriend, Ivy Bennett is determined start over and find her own happiness. When she unexpectedly crosses paths with Jared, their meeting sets off a chain of events that will test them both in unforeseen ways.

While on this journey, can they both find the strength to let go of their pasts and embrace the possibility of a fresh beginning.

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4 thoughts on “#MFRWHooks “I suppose you’d call them cookies.” #shamelessselfpromo #moviepitch #Paramountplus”

    1. Hahaha. Thanks Lisabet. Yes, Australians abbreviate everything. It’s kinda a whole different language again 😉

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