MFRWHooks “His laugh sent a shiver down her spine.” #Australia #books #mustread #Sportsromance

Hi everyone –

I’m Ba-ack! We’ve just returned from a nice break in Europe, visiting my family and travelling Norway. Definitely have many new ideas for another book.

Today, I’m continuing with another teaser from Book 3 in the Australian Sports Romance Series – Entangled Moments.
Enjoy ♥♥

This week’s Hook …

 “Honey, you’d better go and have a dance with Tamara,” she whispered. “I know you two have issues, but try to put it aside. She looks lonely.”

He followed her gaze and said, “Hope you feel better soon.”

She nodded and then followed Markus towards the doors. Her eyes landed on his tuxedo again, the white shirt, and the dark grey tie. Damn, he was pure sexiness. His blond hair was cut short, the usual slight wave gone. Not something she’d approve of. She liked his hair longer. It gave him that mischievous look that she’d known since childhood. That same look in his blue eyes that had radiated trouble fifteen years ago, when he’d taken her hand and led her to the top of a diving board with the words Let’s go flying. Today, he’d even shaved for the occasion.

A warm tingle teased her in her stomach and between her legs, and she was unable to hold back a shiver, surprised at the intensity of his effect he had on her today.

“For crying out loud, Marky,” she mumbled, then added a lot louder, “Slow down a little. Not everyone is as fit as you are.”

His laugh sent a shiver down her spine.


Markus and Sarah’s lives couldn’t be more different…

After three years away as a goalkeeper for an English soccer club, Markus DeLeon is happy to be back in Melbourne, back with his family and friends, including Sarah. He has known her since childhood, and has often provided her with a safe place from the teasing of other children and the troubles of a broken home. Yet, events after attending their friends’ wedding set off a shift in their relationship and questions, which neither Markus nor Sarah know how to approach.

Sarah Winter caught her boyfriend cheating on her, and not for the first time Markus offers her a much-needed shoulder to cry on. This time, however, an attraction between them intensifies, ending in a passionate afternoon, and Markus doesn’t know how to handle this new side of their friendship and flees to the coast. Sarah, unsure as well about the recent events, is surprised by his sudden departure, but is soon sidetracked by misunderstandings and a family emergency.

But sometimes risking what you have means you might lose everything…

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    1. Thank you, Kayelle! A lot has changed even in 14 yrs. I almost needed a map to get around my hometown 😉

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