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I’m back with more bookhooks. We’ve finally moved to our new house and are busy exploring the new neighbourhood – it’s just divine and hopefully an inspiration for many, many more books.
Today’s ‘hook’ is from book 4 in the Alinta Bay series, which is set along the Great Ocean Road in Australia.
Enjoy ♥♥

This week’s hook …


by Iris Blobel

Shaking his head, he knew straight away it was a hit and run incident, with the driver leaving without moving the animal. He slowed and parked in front of it.

“I’ll be a couple of minutes,” he explained, looking at Lexie via the mirror.

With a slow nod, she asked, “Is it dead?”

He swivelled in his seat to face her. “Put it this way. I hope it is, otherwise I might have to put it down.”

The expression on her face told him that she wasn’t fond of the idea either. Neither was he. In one quick movement, he turned, opened the door, and got out. It took him only a few steps to get to the kangaroo. The animal was dead all right, but when he stood right next to it, he looked right into his next problem.

A little joey was moving inside the pouch, still alive.

Jesse blew out a long breath as he rubbed his hands over his face. It wasn’t the first time that he’d found a dead kangaroo with the joey still alive, but that didn’t make it any easier. He knelt and inspected both mama and child. The little joey was looking good considering the situation. With a sense of frustration and sadness, he stood and returned to the car where he opened the door on Zoe’s side.

“I was hoping Zoe would be able to help me.”


She loves the feel of his skin beneath her hands …

Lexie Marshall packs up and moves 3,000 km east with her daughter Zoe, to forget and move on. Now, all that matters is her daughter and her new job. She tries hard to stay focussed, but the sexy and extremely kind park ranger, Jesse, is not making it easy. And when her husband shows up in the small coastal town creating chaos, all she can do is hang on and trust her new friends.

After his last girlfriend walked out on him, Jesse Parker is doing just fine on his own. Until his accidental meeting with single mother Lexie, when he rescues her and her daughter from getting lost in the forest. But when her past catches up with her, he is right in the middle of it all and it might ruin his career.

Will returning to her old life be the only chance to save his career?

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8 thoughts on “#MFRWHooks “Is it dead?” #amreading #readingcommunity #Amazon”

  1. I know nothing about kangaroos… can a young kangaroo live without its mother?

    Great scene, showing the hero’s compassion as well as his abilities.

    1. Thanks Kate. Yes, people who like children and animals are always a big plus, aren’t they 🙂

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