#SnippetSunday “… to find out about my grandparents.” #Sundayblog #MFRWAuthor

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Happy Sunday
I’m back with more snippets. We’ve finally moved to our new house and are now busy exploring the new neighbourhood – it’s just divine and hopefully an inspiration for many, many more books ♥
Today’s snippet starts where we left off a few weeks ago, Sadie’s reason for travelling to Germany …


Today’s Snippet

“So, Sadie. What makes you go to Frankfurt?”

The waitress comes with my ice tea and I take a sip first before I reply nonchalantly, “Grandma’s diary.”

Before I realise what I’ve said, I look up and see his mouth has curled in a smile.

A small sigh escapes me as I appreciate that I can’t leave him hanging there without any further details.

“My Mum died a few weeks ago.”

I pause as I watch the expression on his face change, but also to let the brief moment of grief wash over me.

“Anyway, I found grandma’s old diary and while I was talking to my uncle after the funeral, he invited me over. Mainly to catch up with family, but also to find out about my grandparents. About mum’s childhood and such.”

I’m getting carried as usual when I talk about my mum away, so I stop.

“Sorry about your mum,” he replies quietly.

I nod and thank him, unable to say anything else. Tears are welling up and as Mathias has already seen the worst part of me, I don’t really want him to experience a sobbing me as well.

Letting out a long breath, I straighten up and ask, “What about you, Mathias? Why Frankfurt?”

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