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I’m sharing another snippet from “Journey to Her Dreams”, my second book I wrote and which is now available for FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I’ve moved a little forward, Sam and her friend are in a little cafe talking about their Christmas plans and Sam’s dream she’s had. 



She was aware Claire disapproved of her love for flirting,  particularly since she was married, and often expressed her opinion on whether that could be a reason for Padraic’s moments of rage.
Claire gazed over the rim of her espresso cup as she took a sip. “So you’re telling me about your dreams now, because we can’t
talk about your real life?”
Samʹs eyes darted around the café in frustration. “Give it a break, Claire. I’m telling you because this one felt so real. You know, you have dreams, odd ones and mostly truly weird. This one was different. It was like somehow I sensed his touch on me.”
“Now you’re giving me shivers. Honestly, I don’t want to drag on about it, but I honestly think it’s just another sign of you and Padraic…”
Sam shook her head regretfully. “Never mind! Just forget about it.”
Anger and disappointment creeping up in her, she glanced at her watch. “Sorry, Claire, I forgot to keep an eye on the time. I’d better go.”


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    1. Yes, not the easiest friendship between two very different women 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, Ed.

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