#SnippetSunday “He also recalled the old, beaten up car.” #booktwt #noregrets #bookish


My snippet today will again be from my book “Tell it to My Heart” (free for KU Subscribers), book 3 in the Alinta Bay series. I will start a new WIP very soon. Today’s snippet is in Noah’s POV …



Today’s Snippet

Graham chuckled. “You’d better get used to the idea of returning with your summer clothes. We’re currently dealing with a heat wave here.”

Rubbing his face with his hand, Noah smiled. He remembered those hot days during which he’d surfed the ocean. “I’m sure I’ll find some shorts and a T-shirt.”

He disconnected after promising Graham to stay in contact and send him the details of his arrival. It was going to be hell to get out of this place this time of the year.

He closed his eyes and tried to remember Alinta Bay. The small coastal town he had grown up in. Tried to remember the house he lived in with his grandmother, but as much as he wracked his memory to come up with something, it eluded him. Except for the bright green carpet along the hall and in his room. He choked back a chuckle. Out of all things, that was stuck to his brain. Of course, he also recalled the old, beaten up car. How could he forget? It’d always been touch and go to get the engine started.

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4 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “He also recalled the old, beaten up car.” #booktwt #noregrets #bookish”

    1. Thanks Veronica. Yes indeed re the memories. And often it’s the weirdest or the most irrelevant ones. 😉

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