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Happy Sunday
I hope you all got a copy of my latest release DECISIVE MOMENTS
Today I will continue with Jon & Piper’s story


Today’s Snippet

Last line from the previous snippet:
“That’d be lovely.” She heard her own words. “I look forward to it.”
“Me too,” he replied just above a whisper with a smile lingering on his lips.
And she thought the messages had kept her awake… that smile did all sorts of things to her.
She let out a huff as she ambled back to her cabin. How the hell could she even think of another man as being attractive after what Cameron had put her through. She lost everything. Her money. Her house. Her life. Thanks to him, she had to live in a small cabin. Not only that, it was a shared accommodation on top of that. Although, she wouldn’t complain about her neighbour.
Actually, yes she would, because she didn’t want to think of a male person to be attractive, handsome, or even sexy.
Good Lord her neighbour was sexy. And she was going to have breakfast with him.
Piper shoved the door open with more force than intended and slammed it shut behind herself with equal strength. Clearly, she hadn’t learnt her lesson.
No breakfast with Jon.

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Katie Cassidy is still overwhelmed by the recent loss of her sister, but a chance encounter with Tyson stirs emotions and a love for life inside her again. However, when Tyson’s ex-girlfriend blindsides both of them, all of Katie’s childhood demons return and she pushes him away.

Will they be able to deal with the ghosts of their pasts and move forward for a chance of a life together?

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