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Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series. I moved forward a little to the reception. This is Sarah’s POV.

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“How about I take you home? I’m sure this wedding party is near its end and will possibly survive without you.”
“Promise me a hot chocolate?”
His body shook slightly as he held back his laughter. She assumed he was thinking of their holidays in the Swiss Alps as well.
A few years earlier, Markus had played for an English soccer club and invited her for a holiday in Switzerland. They’d spent a week in a wooden farm house just outside a small village, between massive snow-capped mountains. Wherever she’d looked were ski slopes or fields with cattle. It’d been divine. And after a long day outside, they’d sat down by the fire and drunk hot chocolate.
“C’mon, princess. I will make you a hot chocolate as well.”
She stood and saw Oliver come over. “Please don’t tell him,” she whispered.
“What’s up?” Oliver asked.
“Saz drowned her sorrow in some red last night after finding out Timmy cheated on her,” Markus explained.
Sarah slapped him against his chest. “I asked you not to say anything,” she said through gritted teeth.
Markus cocked an eyebrow. “I thought you meant the chocolate.”
Oliver laughed and pulled Sarah into a hug. “I told you—”
“Don’t say it,” she mumbled against his chest.
“You should try—”
Sarah placed a finger on his lips. “Just tell the happy couple congratulations, and I’ll catch up with them when they get back from their honeymoon.”
“You really are out of it, sweet pea. They left about half an hour ago.”
She sighed again. “Even better. I don’t have to feel guilty.”


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      1. Regardless, it’s still a lousy time for the discovery.
        Judi hung up the fancy advent calendar she made for our kids decades ago, because our grandson is old enough to understand adding one felt ornament every day until Christmas. Does that count as celebrating Advent?

        1. It’s lousy at any time, I suppose.

          And, yes, it counts very much. I like that she uses the calendar she made for your own children. How special !!

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