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Happy Sunday.
I hope you liked last week’s first snippet of Piper’s story,
another Alinta Bay book.
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Today’s Snippet

Piper rushed to her car, got in, and took some deep breath to strangle the urge to throw up. Where had things gone wrong?

She closed her eyes, trying hard to visualise Darren’s face. But as soon as she did pain shot through her. The pain of betrayal. The pain of six years of marriage and him leaving her the worst possible way.

Letting out a big breath, she straightened her shoulders and reached for her phone. It took her a moment to find the number, and although not sure whether it was the right start, she had to start somewhere to sort this mess.

Harrison Hendrix answered on the third ring.

“Hi, this is Piper Elliot. I am your cousin Kristen’s neighbour and I’m desperate for some help.”

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