Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 04/09/2016 #romance #love #SnippetSunday


This story is still a WIP, so critique away. It’s set partly in Melbourne, Australia, and in New Zealand.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


“Anybody you can call?”
His voice was soothing, and when Tiffany met his eyes through the screen door, she noticed something in his eyes which conveyed trust. There was a need inside her to trust him. So much, but every fibre in her told her to not open the door. Never again would she let the police take her to the station and treat her like a criminal.
She bit her lip again, desperately trying to figure out whom to call, when she said, “My brother.”
Harris nodded. “Thomas Terrill was charged with possession of drugs last year. You are noted as a witness.” He paused, checked his little notepad, and continued. “He’s also known as Josh Ford.”
Leaning her head against the door, Tiffany took a deep breath to steady herself.
“Are you okay, Miss Brooks?” Harris asked.
“Please open the door,” Jones requested.
Holding up her hand, she replied, “I haven’t seen him since then. I have nothing to do with whatever trouble he’s in.” Tears started to trickle down her cheeks, and she took another two deep breaths before standing straight to meet Harris’ gaze. He searched her eyes before he assented with a nod and held up a business card.


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23 thoughts on “Snippet Sunday – FLY WITH ME – 04/09/2016 #romance #love #SnippetSunday”

  1. It’s pretty easy for me to understand where she’s coming from, even though I’m sure I know only part of what is going on. FWIW, the ‘So much’ in the second paragraph threw me for a moment; I had to reread to figure out how it fit in.

  2. She’s going to have to open that door to take the business card. Or he can just place it under the mat or slide it under the door, of course, which I have a feeling she’ll want instead. Poor girl, I wonder if she’ll come to trust him or not. This must be so hard on her.

  3. Lots of visual communication going on here and her pain is quite palpable, great snippet. (I think she should trust her judgement if she reads trust in his eyes)

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