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I started this story a few weeks ago and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’m not sure where it’s heading, so any comments / critique is more than welcomed. I moved a little forward, back into Lexie’s POV.

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On the day of her wedding, she had promised Eric to love him through good and through bad times. Little had she known then that her promise would be such a farce. But she had loved him and had been in this marriage for the long haul. Unfortunately, the bad times had been beyond her strength. Even though she didn’t like it, leaving the marriage had been the best for all involved.


Did that mean, though, all men were like Eric? Jesse had been so good to them today an had cared so much about Zoe when she’d helped him at the animal shelter.
Goddamn. Why couldn’t life be easy?
Placing her cup into the dishwasher, she let out a raw chuckle. She had only recently left her husband behind and was thinking about another man. Was she really that desperate? Didn’t she need some healing first?

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10 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “Didn’t she need some healing first?” – #romance #read #amwriting #mustread”

  1. I don’t know if she needs healing time, but it’s probably a fraught time to be finding a new man. That doesn’t mean it can’t work out, only that there are special dangers.

    1. Yes, dangers … especially with a young daughter … and a husband who can’t let go. Thanks for stopping by, Ed.

  2. Sorry to be so late in commenting this week, had a tight deadline for getting edits done on a book! I’ve really been enjoying this story and I think today’s snippet is quite realistic all the way around. I like your heroine’s sense of herself and where she is emotionally. Great excerpt!

    1. Thank you for finding the time to stop by amidst your busy schedule. I appreciate it, and I’m happy to read you’re enjoying the story so far!

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