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Today’s snippet is in Jesse’s POV.

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“Hi Ranger Jesse, it’s Zoe here. We saw you drive past us a few minutes ago and Mum thought you looked tired. Please let her know if you’d like her to bring over some dinner to heat up for you and your sister. Oh, and I hope your sister is okay.”
He smiled. Who would’ve thought a few days ago when he’d picked up Lexie and her daughter, that the young girl would crawl into his heart so quickly. She’d done an amazing job looking after the baby kangaroo, but her care and kindness obviously went past animals and covered people as well. He rubbed his hand over his face, realising he hadn’t even thought about dinner. Or food. Or any arrangements. But when Dana had the stroke a few years earlier, he’d learnt to accept help … and a few seconds later had Lexie on the phone.
“Hello Jesse.”
Everything inside him stirred at the sound of Lexie’s voice. “I wanted to say thanks for the call and the offer to bring dinner.”
She let out a little laugh. “I hope Zoe is not too intense. She’s always been the over caring child.”
“Which isn’t a bad thing,” he told her.
“No, it isn’t. Often it’s very good and it makes me proud. Sometimes it can be over the top.”
“I’d love to say yes to the dinner as long as you two stay. It might be good for my sister and I to have a little distraction.”
Again, her soft laugh warmed him. “I feel used.”
“My apologies, I didn’t—”
“That’s okay. How about in an hour? I’ve prepared a Cheesy Chicken and Corn Pasta Bake. I hope that’s something you both like.”
“Never heard of it, but it sounds delicious. And Dana loves chicken.”
He was about to thank her and disconnect the when, when she spoke, her voice filled with concern. “How is Dana?”

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