#SnippetSunday “His name is Jonah.” #Romancebooks #love #amwriting

Happy Sunday. I’ve moved on from my Tassie story and would like to introduce you to yet another Alinta Bay couple. Jonah and Rachel.
Enjoy ♥

It took him a moment until he understood her attempt to humour the situation. Letting out a soft chuckle, he stood. “There has to be an emergency button.”
Maddie stood as well, but was still unsteady and reached for his arm. “Good thinking.” She reached for a mobile, gave it a flick and pushed a few buttons. “How the hell can you not have any connection in here?”
He raised his brows. “Are you okay?”
She pulled in her lips and inhaled deeply before she replied, “This lift should’ve been on his journey down by now if this were only a little hiccup.”
An eerie feeling trickled through him. A feeling of worry that she was putting on a front or was slowly starting to panic.
“Have you pushed the emergency button, yet?”
He nodded and moved towards the lift controls, hitting the red button again.
“No response?”
Taking a few calming breaths, he tried again, yet, this time a lot gentler. A red switch lit up and a static voice asked, “Triple C Security. What’s your name?”
Maddie stepped next to him. “His name is Jonah.”

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4 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “His name is Jonah.” #Romancebooks #love #amwriting”

  1. Being stuck in an elevator certainly is a tense situation and you’re portraying it well! Great snippet…I was surprised anyone answered their call so that was an excellent twist. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    1. Aww – thank you Veronica. I wasn’t sure whether or not … great to know it was the right choice 🙂

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