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Happy Sunday
I hope you’re still enjoying Piper and Jon’s story. Here’s another little teaser.


Today’s Snippet

He picked up the phone again and dialled the familiar number. His mother answered the call almost immediately.

“Hi, Mum.”

“Hello darling. How are you?”

He leaned further into the uncomfortable couch and closed his eyes, enjoying the sound of his mother’s voice. It hadn’t been easy for his parents easy to hear about his sudden bad health, but what worried them more was that he’d packed up and drove off into the unknown.

“I’ve arrived in Victoria. There’s a small place along the Great Ocean Road. Cosy and nice.”

His mother giggled. “And I suppose you’ve been surfing there, too.”

She knew him well. The house he’d grown up in was on a property next to the beach. The surf was his second home. “I haven’t, yet, but I can’t wait. It’s one of the best locations for surfing.”


Jon jerked and his eyes flew wide open, only to stare into the darkness. There was more rumbling in the distance.

“Jonny, are you okay?”

“Mum, I call you back. I’m okay, but lightning has plunged us into darkness.” He chuckled. “It’s gonna be an interesting night.”

“You always had a knack for adventure. Stay safe, love.”

The idea that his mother thought of him as adventurous put a smile on his lips. Yes, he and his friends had always been out surfing and exploring. He couldn’t stand boring. He disconnected the call and turned on the torch, walking over to the window. The world was dark as abyss, until lightning brightened up the sky in the near distance. It was quite a spectacle, followed by more rumbling, fortunately a bit further away as well.

He turned and stared at the connecting door. Should he check on Piper?

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