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I’m sharing another snippet from “Journey to Her Dreams”, my second book I wrote and which is now available for FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I’ve moved a little forward again introducing Hollie today, the main character living in Launceston, Australia.
Enjoy ♥ 



Hollie paced through the rooms, but for the life of her, she couldn’t find her phone. She rushed through her little apartment,
which was upstairs in the attic of the farmhouse just outside
Launceston, a small town in Australia. Seventh ring and she
stumbled over her shoes to reach it on the couch.
“Hello?” she answered out of breath.
“Hi, it’s Alex here. Lost the phone again, didn’t you?”
“I sort of had a feeling it would be you who kicked me out of bed at this unearthly hour of the day,” Hollie said, holding back a yawn.
“So tell me,” Alex begged her friend. “What happened? I want to know every tiny little detail.”
Hollie laughed, though she didn’t feel like it at all. In fact, the previous night had been a bit of a disaster, to say the least.


Alex had lost the toss to drive into town that night, and she was about to pick up Hollie, who was still wrapped in her bath towel, considering, choosing, and still not knowing what to wear for the night. She went back into the bathroom and applied her makeup. Hollie always made sure she didn’t use too much, just enough for her bright blue eyes to stand out. She checked in the mirror and smiled as she remembered her dad’s words: You’re cute as a button.
“What on earth does that mean, Dad?” she would ask him in a sulky voice.
He would point at her mother’s photo and say, “Just like your mother: a pretty young woman, with lovely golden hair, a neat figure, and a twinkle in both eyes.” And, as he touched her nose with his finger, he added, “A small nose, and a smile that lights up everyone’s world.”


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  1. I enjoyed the slice of life details, like the lost phone. I agree with ED – her evening seems to start out well! spo it’ll be interesting to see what happened. Enjoyed the excerpt!

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