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♥ Happy Sunday ♥
After spending a few weeks in Tasmania and thought the place deserves a story. It’s still very much a WIP, but hopefully it’ll turn into something really good.
Enjoy ♥

He nodded. “Do you mind if I have a look at it?”
Lifting her shoulder in a slight shrug, she replied, “It depends how much you’ll charge me for it. Although a rental, I’d be out of pocket first.”
“I’m happy to help you with the rental company. Which one is it?”
Suddenly, she recalled everyone’s words, warning her not to rent a car over the internet. No insurance, no assurance, no safety … she blew out a breath. This was supposed to be the start of her new beginnings. The start of her life without Tim. Yet, it seemed she wasn’t even able to do that right.
Hans scratched the back of his head, an awkward silence between them. “Okay, let’s deal with that later.” He sauntered towards the car. “So what brings you to Tassie, Miss…”
“My name is Leonie.”
He opened the driver’s side car door and leaned in to pop the bonnet. “What brings you to Tassie, Leonie?”
“Where are you heading,” he asked as he hooked the bonnet and leaned over the motor.
“Nowhere in particular. Just …” She really didn’t know. Bridport had been the place she wanted to stay the first night, but for no real reason.
He peeked towards her. “Running away from something?”
“Who’s running?”
Leonie shot around and bumped right into Alex’s chest.

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12 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “Running away from something?” #romancebooks #Sundayblog #amwriting”

  1. Hans is a presumptive chap, isn’t he?
    The sudden appearance of Alex is intriguing.
    ~Cie from Naughty Netherworld Press~

    1. Glad you liked it Veronica 🙂 Yes, sometimes we do have events in our life that we’re lost a little. Happy this shines through.

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