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My snippet today will again be from my book “Tell it to My Heart” (free for KU Subscribers), book 3 in the Alinta Bay series. I will start a new WIP very soon. Today’s snippet is in Noah’s POV …




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Today’s Snippet

Switching on the light, he stood and headed into the living area where he threw wood on the fire. He might as well stay awake. After he’d dressed, he made himself a cup of tea and then booted up his laptop. He loaded pictures of Alinta Bay and his lips quirked into a smile as he reminisced about his childhood days. Slowly images of picnics with his grandmother and afternoons at the beach on his surfboard with friends returned, bringing a smile to his lips.

He checked the time. It was half past seven, and he reached for his phone. A few seconds later, his best friend answered the call.

“Buddy, what’s up?”

“Morning, Dean. I’ll need to head back to Australia for a week or two.” Noah had an idea of his friend’s thoughts and added, “My grandma died.”

“Fu… Sorry, buddy. You know it’ll take you close to a week to get there this time of the year.”

He chuckled. Yes, he was aware of it. “It’s not that bad. I will need you to fly me to Anchorage and I’ll hitch a flight from there.”

“Shit. Let me check the weather forecast, and I’ll get back to you.”

“Thank you, mate. I owe you.”

“Hey, and I’m sorry about your grandma.”

“Thanks, Dean. It’s important for me to be at the funeral. She was the one who took care of me after Mum left.”

A heavy silence hung between them for a long beat until his friend picked up the conversation again. “No problems, buddy. We’ll make it work.”

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