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February has been busy at this end of the world. Apologies for not posting.
Anyway, this picks up from the previous snippet .

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“Good grief. Haven’t you heard I screwed up my marriage? I’m useless when it comes to socialising.”
“You’re too hard on yourself. A failed marriage doesn’t reflect one bit on your socialising. Just because you think you’re not perfect because of a small imperfection, you shouldn’t hide from life.”
She stared at him. “Is this turning into a counselling session?”
“Do you need one?”
Silence hung between them until Harrison stood. “My sister in law hid from life because of a scar on her face. I’m glad my brother and his mother were persistent, she could’ve missed out on so much.”
Without giving her a chance to reply, he left her office. Left her with a head full of thoughts to work through. Was she hiding? Was she convinced she was not perfect? She lifted her hands, looking at the scarred skin from her eczema and blew out a breath. No, he was wrong. She wasn’t hiding, but healing from a failed marriage and at the same time raising her daughter to the best of her ability.
And what the hell did it mean his brother’s mother?

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8 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “Was she hiding?” – #romance #readAustralian #bookteaser”

    1. His brother’s mother should be his own mother, too, theoretically. But that’s not what he said, so she’s stuck on the comment. 🙂

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