#SnippetSunday “I’m sure I’ve just fallen in love.” #Sundayblog #romancereaders #mustread

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Happy Sunday
I’ve returned to an old manuscript which I started years and years ago.
The story is about Sadie who’s found her mother’s diary, which will eventually take her on a journey to Germany.
… she’s just landed in Singapore …


Today’s Snippet

My shoulders sag as I let out a deep sigh. “I apologise. This is all too much for me.”

He flashes me one of his sexy smiles again, and I notice how near perfect his teeth are. I know, people think I’m obsessed about it, but hey, when you have a small gap between your front teeth, it kind of stands out when others don’t.

Mathias rakes his hand through his short, brown hair. It’s a bit like being in the movies, he just knows all the right moves.

“I’m Sadie,” I finally say. “I’m currently a shadow of myself because that flight killed me. I don’t think I could bear eating anything, but I’d love to come with and have a drink.”

He laughs and I’m sure I’ve just fallen in love!

“C’mon Sadie,” he says as he takes my hand. “Let’s get you something to drink.” As we walk through Singapore’s airport, I notice how I just follow without looking where we’re going.

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