#SnippetSunday “I bump into a hard chest.” #Sundayblog #WIP #amwriting

Happy Sunday Today’s snippet starts where we left off last week, Sadie’s reason for travelling to Germany …


Today’s Snippet

I lean back to check the ‘occupancy lights’ and bump into a hard chest.

“I’m reall–” Sorry, I wanted to say, but the words stuck in my throat. Out of all the passengers, it’s Toby’s sinewy chest I have connected with.

He stares at me, one brow slightly raised.

“Sorry,” I croak. Though, I’m not completely sure whether it refers to my inappropriate accusation in the airport or bumping into him.

In the semi-darkness, I can only make out a little nod.

Looking up for the toilet sign I’m giving myself a two-second prep talk and look at him again. “And I’m terribly sorry for what I said earlier. There are no excuses for it and I’m–”

He puts his fingers on my lips to silence me and at that moment I’m glad I’ve got one hand on one of the seats to hold me up.

“As much as I was annoyed by it, after thinking about it, it made sense. After all, you’ve only known me for a few hours.”

I didn’t expect that one coming. But I’m really pleased and relieved.

“Excuse me.” A deep voice behind startles me.

Leaning closer to the seats to let the man go past me, I notice the chance to use the ladies’ room.


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14 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “I bump into a hard chest.” #Sundayblog #WIP #amwriting”

  1. What a trip – in more senses than one!

    I do not know that in a cabin I would have a restraint to hold my tongue.

    The things this guy was thinking… [probably about our protag].

  2. I want her to not grab the empty toilet and continue talking to him. This could be interesting!

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