#SnippetSunday “It was probably not was she expected.” #Sundayblogshare #Romance

Happy Sunday ♥
I hope you’re enjoying my latest WIP which is set near
Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
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Hesitantly, she moved forward and took his hand. “I’m Lani Thompson.”
“Where’s your car?”
She stepped back, obviously still unsure about the situation. Who could blame her? She booked a room in a bed and breakfast, somewhere in the mountains of New Zealand, only to find a stranger. Not that she would’ve known Teddy, but at least they would’ve communicated in some way or another.
“I came with a bus.”
That he didn’t expect. “The bus stop is about five to six kilometres down the road.”
“The driver was kind enough to let me hop off at the intersection.”
Dylan chuckled. “That must’ve been Jack.”
She stared at him, obviously not following his thoughts.
He blew out a breath. “So, let me do the host thingy. Teddy said, you’ll be the only guest until Monday, so you’ll have the house to yourself until Sunday. I’ll fix you up breakfast and if you like I can offer dinner as well, but that’d be at my place, which is around another kilometre down the road.”
She looked around the kitchen. It was probably not was she expected. Even though Teddy and Mae didn’t charge much for a night, Dylan assumed that a guest would at least expect someone to be around.
“Let me show you to your room.” He turned and was about to walk down the hall when he spotted a backpack. “Yours?”

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8 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “It was probably not was she expected.” #Sundayblogshare #Romance”

  1. It’s really an interesting setup she’s fallen into and certainly not what I’d be expecting either. I enjoyed the snippet and can’t wait to find out what else she’s not expecting that is going to happen LOL.

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