#SnippetSunday & #WeWriWa “The famous five of Fermosa Bay.” #8sunday #indieauthor #mustread

I’ll continue today with a snippet from ECHOES OF THE PAST, Book 1 in the Fermosa Bay Series. Today’s snippet is from Emily’s POV. ENJOY ♥


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Today’s Snippet

As soon as Jack had told Emily earlier in the week that Connor was coming to Fermosa Bay, her whole body had reacted. She’d laughed at herself for still having a crush on him, but even at the tender age of six years, he’d been the love of her life. They’d spent hours at the beach, searching for shells, building sand castles, or swimming in the sea. The famous five of Fermosa Bay, as they had been called: Emily, Connor, Ethan, Niall, and Skye.

Then there’d been the accident, and she’d never seen Connor again until today.

The simple touch of her hand on his shoulder brought back all the memories and the fun they’d had.

Yet, it seemed they were only memories for her. The fun and mischief were nowhere to be seen in his eyes. Standing in front of her, he seemed distant and withdrawn. The constant grin he’d worn on his face was gone.

She tried hard to put on a smile. “I’m sure the others would love to catch up with you. How about a drink at the pub tomorrow night?”

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    1. Thanks Jeff. Memory is a fascinating concept, the way we store it, forget it, retrieve it … amazes me on a daily basis.

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