#SnippetSunday “She braced herself for the icy water.” #booktwt #Readerscommunity #amreading

Happy Sunday ♥ I’m sharing a snippet from my book “Tell it to My Heart”, book 3 in the Alinta Bay series. I have too many things to attend to at the moment, but I will start a new WIP very soon …


Today’s Snippet

Moving her gaze from the soaked carpet towards the door and up to the ceiling, she couldn’t see any obvious signs that the water had come through the roof at this end of the house. She listened carefully, but wasn’t able to hear anything, either, especially not from the bathroom. Taking in a deep breath, she braced herself for the icy water as she was about to put her feet onto the floor. Her spirit plummeted at the thought that the next four months were going to be a nightmare considering the repairs that needed to be made, not to mention dealing with the insurance. And the cost of it all. Trying to tackle one problem at the time, she stood to inspect the damage. Instant pain shot through her as she ran on the tip of her toes, out of the bedroom, along the hall, and to the laundry to find her boots — thanking the winter sale last year, when she’d bought them for next to nothing. With some relief, she saw that only the front part of the house seemed to be affected by the water, but at the same time a rush of resignation shot through her and tears flowed. The splish-splash of her boots as she walked to the kitchen echoed along the hall. With a big sigh, she grabbed the phone and called her friend Kristen.

“Good morning,” her friend answered with a sleepy voice. “What do you want so early in the day?”

A little smile tugged at her lips. She knew her friend wasn’t an early riser, especially not on Mondays. “The rain snuck into my house, and I only need some soap and a brush to give my carpet a clean.

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