#SnippetSunday & Weekend Writing Warriors “But he came up empty.” #8sunday #indieauthor #tw4rw

I’ll continue today with a snippet from ECHOES OF THE PAST, Book 1 in the Fermosa Bay Series. ENJOY ♥


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Today’s Snippet

He’d been barely over seven years old when he and his mother had left Australia and made their new home in London. There were vague memories in the back of his mind about the first days in school in London. He’d been the newcomer and learnt quickly to adapt and make new friends. He and his mother had lived with his grandparents until she had found a job and had been able to afford a small apartment.

Squeezing his eyes shut, Connor was desperate for the slightest bit of memory.


But he came up empty.

“Your dad appreciates that you’ve come here.”

Connor shot around and met Emily’s gaze. For a brief moment, he lost himself in her eyes, inhaling the subtle scent of her perfume. He had no idea how to reply to her comment, so he turned back to watch the virga above the sea.

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20 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday & Weekend Writing Warriors “But he came up empty.” #8sunday #indieauthor #tw4rw”

    1. i agree. i get frustrated when i can’t remember where i put my glasses. don’t want to think about how i’d feel not being able to remember so much. thanks kate for stopping by.

  1. I like how he has trouble remembering, how he’s struggling… a thought though… What of the unconscious memories, the ones like scent and sound? The ones that trigger memories that we don’t understand? I’m curious to know why he’s had none of these… is this really his family?

    Oooh, the questions!

    1. Ohhhh, lots of questions indeed, and valid ones! we’ll learn more about his situation over the next few chapters 🙂

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