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First, I’d like to share the good news. You might remember Tiffany and Mat’s story. It is now available on pre-order. Come on over, do the “one click” and let me take you to the wonderful country of New Zealand  – for only 99c  ♥♥

Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series. I moved forward a little to the reception. This is Sarah’s POV.

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Sarah let out another long breath before she decided what to tell him, if anything at all. Markus had always been a very good friend. More than that. He’d always been there for her, during good and bad times. Especially during bad times.
“I walked in on Timmy with another woman yesterday afternoon,” she said, barely audible, more embarrassed than hurt.
Markus leaned back and met her gaze. Like so often, his beautiful blue eyes conveyed such warmth and understanding.
“Ouch!” he whispered.
“C’mon, say it,” she coaxed.
“Say what?”
“You know what. The I told you so.
The words stung like acid in her stomach. Yes, he had told her more than a couple of times that there was something iffy about Timmy. Even Ty and Oliver had noticed the vibes, but she’d been happy the last four months. She hadn’t expected that one. Not at all.
So last night she’d drowned her sorrow in that one glass of red wine too many and was paying for it now.
Markus gently pulled her a little bit closer. “I’m not saying any such thing.”
“I deserve it, though.”
A smile tugged at his lips. “Baby, no you don’t. The only person deserving something is Timmy. And that’s a big fist connecting with his face.”
Sarah laughed, but regretted it straight away. “Oh my God, Marky. Don’t make me laugh, please. I’ve got the worst hangover ever. The last glass of the red wine last night didn’t agree with me.”

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