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Happy Sunday ♥ I’m sharing a snippet from my book “Tell it to My Heart”, book 3 in the Alinta Bay series. I have too many things to attend to at the moment, but I will start a new WIP very soon …


Today’s Snippet

A little smile tugged at her lips. She knew her friend wasn’t an early riser, especially not on Mondays. “The rain snuck into my house, and I only need some soap and a brush to give my carpet a clean.”


“Kristen, did you go back to sleep?”

“Say that again?”

It gave her some relief to hear her friend sounding more focussed now. “The rain washed my carpet. What’s so hard to understand?”

There was the ominous silence again before Kristen spoke. “Honey, I think I need coffee for this. Give me twenty minutes and I’ll be over.”

About to disconnect, Molly added, “Don’t forget your togs.”

Cautiously, she padded through the house and checked out the extent of the damage. Fortunately, so far there was damage in the front entrance only as well as her front room and the ensuite bathroom. But then she found more. Farther back in the house, the spare bathroom was flooded as well. Walking past the laundry, she heard the sound she was seeking but hoped not to hear. She stepped into the cold part of the house and saw the small gap in the door through which the water was trickling.

Annoyance rushed through her that she hadn’t seen the leak when she’d come in here to get her boots. Slapping a hand on her forehead, she cursed under her breath as she grabbed all the towels she could find in the linen cupboard. A shiver ran through her body. She was cold despite the already warm summer air seeping through the house. Helpless, she focussed on the situation, trying hard not to give in to the threatening tears. Where was Kristen?

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7 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “The rain washed my carpet.” #booktwt #Readerscommunity #amreading”

    1. So sorry to hear about that. That would’ve been devastating! Yes, fingers crossed it was a one off 😉

  1. Manual comment from Veronica Scott:
    I enjoyed the snippet although she sure has a mess to deal with!

    Thanks Veronica 🙂

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