#SnippetSunday “Again, not what she expected.” #Romancebooks #MFRWAuthor #amwriting

This is still the story set in Tasmania, Leonie’s attempt to travel around the beautiful Australian state. Today’s snippet is in Leonie’s POV.
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Then again, what had she expected?
And why was she surprised? After all, she’d had one curveball after the other thrown at her. She followed Jenny’s gaze towards the horizon. It was a picture perfect view and although the house didn’t look like much, she couldn’t wait to spend a couple of days here. Even if it was just to sit on the verandah all day.
She turned and met Jenny’s gaze. “At the moment, I’d give anything for a nice shower.”
“Right,” she replied. “Of course.” She reached into her pockets and pulled out a couple of keys. “Here you go. This one is for the front door, the garage, and the third one is for the gate at the back.” Then she retrieved a little piece of paper. “My number is on here. Call me any time. My husband is on the road at the moment, so if you feel like company, I’m happy to share a cup of tea … or a glass of red,” she added with a grin.
“Thank you so much. I appreciate your help and your offer. And I have a feeling I might take you up on the offer.”
Jenny left, and Leonie ambled towards the front door. It was the lucky last key that finally opened the door and when she stepped into the house, she held her breath for a couple of beats. Again, not what she expected.

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12 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday “Again, not what she expected.” #Romancebooks #MFRWAuthor #amwriting”

  1. I like the tone and pacing of the snippet and really kind of wish I was standing there with them, seems so warm and friendly. Great excerpt! (Can’t wait to find out what the house is really like…)

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