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A little reminder in the last post, Addy returned home from work to find her house broken in.

DEFYING RULES is set along the Australian Great Ocean Road and tells the story of Ethan Tomlin, single dad, and manager of a hotel chain.

This is still a WIP, so critique away.

Thanks … and enjoy 🙂


“Do you know Ethan?”
She blinked once or twice, surprised by Nick’s dad emerging out of the car, as well as the fact that he was known to the police.
Was that good?
Or bad?
“He’s a school parent. I see him sometimes at school. His son is in my class,” she replied with a little smile on her lips.
“Little Nick’s one of your students?”
She noticed the change of expression on his face with a gleam in his eyes and nodded, then moved her head and stared at Ethan as he came closer.
“We’ll be in contact, Ms Ryker.”
Again, she simply nodded and watched him walk to his car.
The two men met half way down her driveway near the police car and shook hands. Their voice carried softly with the little afternoon breeze, but Addy wasn’t able to decipher any words. Not sure whether to wait for Ethan or to go inside, she decided on waiting.
After the two men said their goodbyes, Ethan met her gaze and a slow smile curved up the corners of his mouth. It seemed like an eternity until he made it to the door, and she noticed her pulse racing despite her best efforts to calm herself down with a few deep breaths and a count from twenty down to one. He was attractive, no doubt, but she didn’t know him and was surprised by her body’s reaction to him. After all, he wasn’t the first attractive man she’d ever met.
And, he was a school parent. A big reason to not think of him as an attractive man. Or think of him at all.


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  1. I can understand her wondering if it was good or bad that Ethan is known to police. Somehow, though, I don’t think she’s going to be able to talk herself out of being attracted to him.

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