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I started this story a few weeks ago and I hope you’re enjoying it so far. I’m not sure where it’s heading, so any comments / critique is more than welcomed. I moved a little forward, back into Lexie’s POV.

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Her thoughts were interrupted, though, by the ringing of the phone. She rushed over to the table, grabbed it, and checked the ID. Indecision lingered whether or not to answer the call. But she knew she had to be mature about it. With a casual flick on the phone, she exhaled, and answered.
“Hello Eric.”
“Hi Lexie. How are you?”
She closed her eyes, trying to cope with the wave of nausea his voice caused her. “I’m well, but I’m sure that’s not the reason of your call.”
There was a moment of silence and she did her best not to break it.
“How’s Zoe?”
“She’s in bed. It’s been a long day. If you’d like to talk to your daughter you will need to call—”
“I want to talk to you.”
“Eric,” she said in a sigh. “There’s nothing to talk anymore.”
“I miss you guys.”
Lexie blew out a breath as she opened her eyes. She drew strength from the sound of the water and the sun set across the horizon, creating a spectacle of multiple colours. The view across the ocean had been the main reason to buy the house and she hoped to earn enough money soon to do some renovation and extension to the house, because despite telling Zoe she’d look for a bigger house, she didn’t want to leave this one.
“You should’ve thought about that before you crawled in her bed,” she finally replied.
“I made a mistake—”
“A couple, if I may remind you.”
There was the silence again, but she didn’t push him, she knew it’d set him off in a tirade of angry words.
“You didn’t have to move to the other side of the country.”
“No, I didn’t. But I panicked. I was angry. I needed distance. And to be honest, Zoe is ten years old and this is the first time you show interest in her.”
“Lexie, I’m—”
“Spare me the words, Eric.” She paused to take a calming breath. “Look it’s late here. I had a big day and still have a few things to organise. I’ll make sure Zoe will call you tomorrow.”
“I could take a few days off—”
She didn’t let him finish the sentence, but disconnected the words. So many promises. She’d heard it all before. It’d been a deciding factor to move to Victoria, over three thousand kilometres away. She didn’t want to hear his excuses anymore, but go on with life.


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12 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “I made a mistake—” – #romance #read #amwriting #Bookish”

  1. It sounded like she had given him plenty of chances in the past. I liked that you were able to show the relationship between all three, even with Zoe not being part of the conversation

    1. Thanks, PT. We might find out a little more about him soon … perhaps he was too busy or didn’t want kids … it’s still a WIP, so everything’s possible. 🙂

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