#SnippetSunday “Why had he come back?” #Romancebooks #love #amwriting

Happy Sunday. I’ve moved on from my Tassie story and would like to introduce you to yet another Alinta Bay couple. Jonah and Rachel.
Enjoy ♥

Jonah Davies rushed down the hallway and just made it into the lift before it shut behind him. He pressed the button to get to the ground floor, turned, and stood in the corner. The young woman next to the door glanced at him, but quickly moved to stare at the closed doors again.
“Sorry about that,” he offered as an apology, but didn’t get anything in return except an almost imperceptible nod.
His gaze fell to the ground, trying to figure out the strange pattern of the carpet but mostly to ignore the awkward silence. Her sudden sneeze echoed through the little cabin like thunder.
“Bless you.”
Again, she gave him a quick glance and muffled a, “Thank you.”
Obviously, nothing had changed over the last ten years since he’d moved away from Alinta Bay. He’d disliked the place so much in his teenage years that he’d left and started his adult life in New Zealand.
Why had he come back?
Before he was able to find an answer to his own reservations of being here, an abrupt jolt threw him off balance and he plastered his hands to the walls to steady himself. Startled by the darkness, followed by flickering dim lights, he inhaled a couple of deep breaths to calm his racing heart.
He knelt in front of the woman, who crouched on the floor, arms wrapped around her legs. “Are you okay?”

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    1. The pressure is on it seems to come up with something different or at least interesting 😉 Thanks for stopping by Veronica.

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