#SnippetSunday “You must be the girl with the dodgy rental.” #romancebooks #Sundayblog #amwriting

♥ Happy Sunday ♥
After spending a few weeks in Tasmania and thought the place deserves a story. It’s still very much a WIP, but hopefully it’ll turn into something really good.
Enjoy ♥

Exhaling a long breath, she checked the time and slid behind the steering wheel, hoping the car would get her to her next destination. She’d wanted to make it to the coast further east, but her next stop was going to be George Town for some lunch.
And a car check-up at GT Smash Repairs.
Not that her budget would agree.
She drove for the next forty-five minutes in silence, enjoying the scenery around her, but subconsciously fully in tune with the sound of the car. As soon as she would get to her accommodation tonight, she’d call the rental service to lodge a complaint. If it hadn’t been for Alex she might’ve still be stuck on the road. Possibly still waiting for road side assistance.
Once she got to George Town she parked the car in what seemed the centre of town. She was pleased everything was close by which made a quick shop at the supermarket and chemist easy, and she still had enough time to have lunch without a rush. She checked her phone for the address and directions to the smash repair and headed there next. Fortunately, it was close by as well.
Leonie turned off the engine and watched the man stepping out of the inside office heading towards her. He would’ve been in his late forties, early fifties at a guess, but still very attractive, even in his blue overalls, which were covered with dirt.
Hesitantly, she opened the door and stepped out of the car.
A smile spread across his face. “You must be the girl with the dodgy rental.”

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