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I’m sharing another snippet from “Journey to Her Dreams”, my second book I wrote and which is now available for FREE for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.

I’ve moved a little forward, Sam and her friend are in a little cafe talking about their Christmas plans. Today’s post is a bit longer, but I wanted to have the last few lines included.



Sam took another sip of her coffee. “We’ll be with Padraic’s
family on Christmas. The usual, you know. I’ʹll go to Mum and
Dad’s the day after. Dad’s not doing too well at the moment, so I’ʹll be staying with them for a few days.”
“The usual, indeed. Is this his excuse to go skiing?” Claire
replied with heavy irony.
“No. You know he doesn’t get along with Mum and Dad too
well. And a little break will do me good, too.”
Sam felt Claire’s gaze on her. “Sam. What you need is a big break. What is it with you? You’re beautiful. You’re intelligent. You’re successful, confident, and married to a husband who doesn’t appreciate you. It’s time, Sam. It’s time for a change.”
“He’s not a bad person, you know. You see some bruises and instantly assume it was Padraic. Accidents do happen. He is a caring husband. And he is extremely successful and easy on the eyes.”
Claire shook her head. “Accidental bruises. Good one.”
Sam waved her arm in the air. She didn’t want to hear about it anymore. “Anyway, what I actually wanted to tell you about was this dream I had the other night. The weirdest one I’ve had for a while,” Sam said. “Quite bizarre, actually. There was this girl, somewhere in the countryside, who was with this truly handsome guy. Short dark hair, beautiful eyes, tall, and, boy, did he have a sexy body. Anyway, they were driving in this dashing car. Once he made a move on her in the car, she panicked and got out. Bizarre
how clear it all seemed. I can’ʹt recall ever having a dream like this.”
“Who was it?” Claire asked, and Sam knew her friend would be annoyed with the change of subject.
“No idea. But you should have seen him. No way would I have left the car.” Sam couldn’t help herself, but her mouth twitched into a grin.


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14 thoughts on “#SnippetSunday – “…wanted to tell you about was this dream…” – #romance #read #amwriting”

  1. So many messages in that snippet. And so true of many woman. They’ll put up with a lot from a pretty man. Good snippet, Iris.

    1. It’s the helplessness that can be tiring, I’d say. I hope you’ll enjoy the next few snippets considering you’re in a similar situation. Thanks, Jennifer.

  2. Accidental bruises, huh? I think I can guess why the parents don’t get along with said husband, and more, just from those few lines. Great insight to the backstory without saying it. I wonder why she’s still with this man though… I hope she’ll take this dream as a sign.

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