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Happy Sunday.
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Today’s Snippet

She blinked the memory away before the tears would start again. With a quick flick, she threw away the last bit of the sandwich and crossed the road. Harrison Hendrix was her neighbour’s cousin and although Piper wasn’t best friends with Kristen, they had invited each other to barbeques or the occasional walks along the beach. It was during one of those back yard parties that she’d briefly met Hendrix.  Good looks clearly ran in the family genes.

The door to the reception was open, most likely to let some fresh air in after the humid last couple of days. She gave it a slight knock anyway and the receptionist looked up.

“Piper. How are you coping? Harrison is already waiting for you.”

Piper followed along the small hallway to an office at the other end where Harrison stepped towards, greeting her with a handshake.

“Hello Piper. Would you like to have a coffee or tea?”

She shook her head. “That’s very kind, but not at the moment. Thank you.”

He ushered her into his office where she took a seat on a small double seater. Harrison reached for a notepad and a pen and sat as well. “Let’s get you sorted.”

Just these few words already cause a wave of relief within her.

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