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I’m currently rewriting DEFYING RULES so I introduced you to one of my older stories last week before sharing some snippets of my latest WIP.

Today’s snippet is from “I think I Love You”, book 3 of the Australian Sports Stars series. Enjoy ♥


Although sure he had the rings, panic rose within Markus as he quickly checked his pockets to retrieve the small box.
“Yes, all good.”
“Okay,” Oliver said. “See you in five.”
Markus hung up and smiled at Tyson, who was pacing up and down the small room.
“Where the hell is he?”
“Wouldn’t say.”
“What do you mean he wouldn’t say?” Tyson stared at Markus. “You’ve got the rings, right?”
Markus nodded.
Markus had known Tyson and Oliver for most of his life, since before school. They’d played footy every Saturday and later on during their teenage years hung out together afterwards as well. Yet, after watching a game of soccer, Markus changed sports, and a year later, after spending a few months in the U.S., Oliver had switched to baseball. The youngest of the trio had stayed with football and was one of the most regarded players in the Australian Football League.
Yet, their friendship had remained as strong as the first years and nowadays they caught up on Saturdays to watch cricket or motor racing.
Oliver came into the room. “Sorry for that.”
“You will be. Trust me, I’ll think of something to muck up your wedding day too.”
Oliver snorted, but didn’t reply.
There was a gentle knock at the door and the minister opened the door. “Ready?”
The guys looked at each other and nodded in unison.
“Let’s do this,” Tyson said, with a determination that brought another smile to Markus’ face.


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