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I’ll continue today with a snippet from ECHOES OF THE PAST, Book 1 in the Fermosa Bay Series. Today’s snippet is from Emily’s POV. ENJOY ♥


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Today’s Snippet

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Once finally home later that day, she grabbed one of her mum’s lasagne out of the freezer and heated it in the microwave.

“The love of my childhood is back in town. Could be his twin, too, for all I know,” she mumbled to Boomer, the orange and white cat rubbing against her leg. She gave the cat a quick rub on the belly and was rewarded with a content purr.

A few minutes later, she sat in front of the television with her meal when the phone rang.

It was Ethan. “Hello, pumpkin.”

“You tend to always call while I’m eating.”

He laughed. “That’s because you’re always eating.”

And a few more to finish the scene …

“Bugger off.”

“How’s Jack?”

Pain rushed through her, and she sighed. “Not good. He’s refusing his medication.”

“Pigheaded to the last minute.”

Jack was, and always had been. He could’ve taken the easy road on many occasions, but pride and tradition came first. In this case, it wasn’t pride or tradition, and she wasn’t able to understand his refusal to take the medication. It pained her to see how his health deteriorated each week, and there was nothing she was able to do about it.

“By the way, Connor’s arrived,” she said to change the subject.

“Excellent,” Ethan nearly shouted. “Going for a beer at Stanley’s tomorrow night?”

Emily moved her lasagne away. Her appetite was gone. “He’s changed, Ethan,” she whispered.

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